Beautiful Moon Software For Moon Lovers Or Anyone Who Follows The Moon

If you are interested in predicting, researching or tracking the moon for any reason... you'll love this software.

It's the quick and easy way to explore not just the phases of the moon but to see other moon data for any location on earth and for any date you select... for thousands of years into the past and future.

Thousands of people from around the world have used this software since 2006...

QuickPhase Pro gives you...

  • Moon data like moon phases, age, moonrise, moonset, quarter moons, distance, moon sign, brightness, azimuth and much more
  • Sun data like sunrise, sunset, twilight times, and much more
  • An interactive monthly moon calendar
  • Generate moon data tables and export them
  • Save multiple locations and multiple dates/times
  • And a lot more!
It runs on both Windows and Mac desktop systems (Mac lovers rejoice!).

Open the App Store on your computer and search for "quickphase".

Do you already own QuickPhase Pro (version 3) on Windows? This new version will work alongside it without any conflict. No need to uninstall. So there is no risk in trying out this new version, and/or using both. Also as an existing QuickPhase owner, you may contact us for a special upgrade discount.

For more screenshots click here or check out a long list of features here.