A Long List of Features

New means it is new for version 4 compared to version 3.

If you want to know a history of changes to version 4, click here.

Real-time Moon and Sun Data
The default setting shows data for the Moon and Sun right now. The time in the header displays continuously ticking seconds (real-time mode). The Day screen shows an image of the moon and all the data. The Month screen shows the current month. There is also an optional feature to automatically change the time so it always shows the current time at the currently selected location.

Past and Future Data
You can enter any date and time from 4713BC to 8000AD. The Day and Month screens will be calculated for that date and time.

Moon Image:
- True phase "angle" (New) (the real angle of illumination you see in sky; technically called the parallactic angle or the position angle of the Moon's bright limb)
- Real moon, based on an image taken from NASA's Galileo spacecraft

Moon Data:
- Phase name
- Percent of Full
- Age
- Brightness (New)
- Azimuth
- Altitude
- Moon Rise
- Moon Set
- Moon Transit (New)
- Moon Subtransit (New)
- Declination (New)
- Right Ascension (New)
- Hour Angle (New)
- Ecliptic Latitude (New)
- Ecliptic Longitude (New)
- Distance (New)
- Apogee (New)
- Perigee (New)
- New Moon date and time
- Full Moon date and time
- Moon Sign (New)
Sun Data (New)
- Sun Rise (New)
- Sun Set (New)
- Sun Transit (New)
- Sun Subtransit (New)
- Civil Morning time (New)
- Nautical Morning time (New)
- Astronomical Morning time (New)
- Civil Evening time (New)
- Nautical Evening time (New)
- Astronomical Evening time (New)
- Azimuth (New)
- Altitude (New)
- Declination (New)
- Right Ascension (New)
- Hour Angle (New)
- Ecliptic Latitude (New)
- Ecliptic Longitude (New)
- Distance (New)
- Sun Sign (New)

Month Screen Features
- Display moon phase for each day
- Dates of Full, New, First and Last quarter marked
- Click quarter moon initials to visit day screen at that exact time
- Click the moon to visit day screen for the specified time of day
- Hover over any moon to get more details (New)
- An option (in Settings) to show the Zenith angle (moon's tilt) for the time of day calculated (New)

Data Tables with Exporting (New)
You can select any of the moon or sun data above and generate a table over a selected period of time -- and export that table as a CSV file. You can then import the file into any spreadsheet program like Excel or Open Office, etc.

You can choose to show the data by day or by hour.

You can generate a list of any of the quarter moon (new, full, first, last) dates and times over a period of time.

Multiple Saved Locations (New)
You can save multiple locations. For instance, your home town, and a list of any other city or location in the world. Then you can easily set any of those locations as the target for calculations. A convenient map is included for easy location selection, or you can enter an exact latitude and longitude.

Multiple Saved Dates/Times (New)
You can save an instance (date and time) and then easily select that saved instance as the target for calculations.

Save Screen As Image
There is a simple "Save As" screen feature so you can save the Day or Month screen as an image. On your computer you can then print the image or use it inside a document for non-commercial purposes.

Dynamic Screen Resizing (New)
The screen responds and resizes when you resize the window. This provides a beautiful large display -- and large easy to read type. Or you can make it smaller to take up less space.

More Features Coming
We have more features planned. If you don't see something here that you need or want, please let us know!