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System Requirements: Images of the Moon eBook is only available for Windows computers. Wallpaper/background images can be viewed and used on any computer.

FREE BONUS GIFT: "Images of the Moon" e-Book - an $8.95 value

This ebook features over 30 striking moon images and animations -- the best you can find anywhere. It took me over 17 hours to find all these images and compile them together. I did all the work ... now you can simply open the ebook and enjoy the pictures.

This is an exclusive gift -- the only way you can get this ebook is by ordering QuickPhase Pro.

The ebook contains stunningly beautiful images of lunar and solar eclipses, crater closeups, and moon phases from top astronomy photographers Fred Espenak, David Hawoth, and Forrest Egan. The eclipse images are almost unbelievable.

You can also view over a dozen of the highest quality, most popular and classic NASA moon-exploration photographs, hand-picked from among hundreds. Almost every image in the book also has an enlarged version so you can see great detail. Some (but not all) of the images can be printed freely for reports or whatever you desire.

System Requirements: Windows Only

  FREE BONUS GIFT: Wallpaper/Background Images For Your Computer

The amazing image to the left is the moon (front) and the planet venus (back). It is not computer generated or an artists rendering. It is an actual photograph captured by the spacecraft Clementine in 1994. I've created a vertical and a horizontal version for you to choose from.

You can also download images of ... a stunning eclipse ... a glorious scene of the Indian Ocean and sunlit clouds from space ... a breathtaking view of the eye of Hurricane Emily from space, complete with a large, rising half moon ... a panoramic view of Earth and black space with a small, lonely figure of an astronaut floating in the distance (he used a jet-propelled backpack to go far from the safety of his ship -- you've gotta see this one!) ... and more.

The images are large (1024x768 or 1280x1024) so I can't show them directly, but take a look at some thumbnails:

You can get all these and more in beautiful detail, for free, after you place your order for QuickPhase Pro.

System Requirements: None (usable on any operating system)

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