Version Changes and Updates

4.1.1 (Released 26 Jan 2017)
  • Fixed rotation of full moon image
  • Minor visual edits

4.1.0 (Released 19 Jan 2017)
  • Added additional Moon calculations (subtransit, hour angle, ecliptic latitude, ecliptic longitude)
  • Added addition Sun calculations (azimuth, altitude, declination, right ascention, hour angle, ecliptic latitude, ecliptic longitude, distance)
  • Added Above/Below horizon indicator on Day screen
  • Added Settings option for Day screen background to change to blue during the day
  • Added Settings option to set the Default Start View
  • Added Settings option to show or not show moon's zenith angle in Month view
  • Added Settings option to auto-adjust time when Location changes time zone
  • Adjusted position of Month calendar
  • Added Minute increment arrows in Day view
  • Changes Moon and Sun icons in Day view
  • Improved internal data communication to resolve a number of issues
  • Fixes and adjustments for Daylight Saving Time, including Setting to turn On or Off
  • More accurate and additional time zones
  • 24-hour format fixes in header
  • Added ability to recognize dd/mm/yyyy format in Date and Time dialog box input
  • More Date and Time dialog input adjustments
  • Added date range validation to avoid entry of dates out of range
  • Fixed bug where moonrise/moonset times are swapped with previous day
  • Fixed bug where "d" (days) appears instead of "h" (hours) in Next Full/New/etc
  • Fixed bug in Location dialog not applying negative/positive degree changes
  • Fixed bug where date format options in Moon Data Table was affecting calculations
  • Fixed bug in Moon Data Table where Time of Day affects calculations for Hourly format
  • Fixed bug: Missing day "31" in restrict to date option of Quarter Moon Table options
  • Moon Data Table: if decimal chosen, it now changes lat/long output to decimal
  • Fixed year "0" issues
  • Fixed issue where 2-digit years turn into "19xx"
  • Unnecessary success dialogs removed
  • Internal changes to URL links
  • Backup source for IP-to-location detection
  • Added Please Wait box after entering license while program processes
  • Fixed icon on Windows 10
  • Fixed "0" PK value issue in activation dialog box

This was the very first release of version 4. See the features page here. It shows you what is new compared to version 3.