Solution to "missing required data" error when trying to activate

Look in the activation dialog, at the bottom left. Does it show "PK# 0"?

That number should not be zero, so the activation message is reporting it is missing the proper data. That's a bug in the software that occurs occasionally.

To solve the issue now:

1) Uninstall the program. Go to Windows Control Panel, and then to the Uninstall program dialog, and choose to "uninstall" QuickPhase (you'll see it in your list of programs).

2) Go to this folder on your computer:

C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\QuickPhase Pro 4
...where USER is your Windows username in the Users directory.

In that folder, delete the following two files: "settings.db", and "activation.db"

3) Type "regedit" in the search box in Windows menu.
- Agree to the notification to use the Registry Editor
- In the Registry Editor, navigate to the folder as shown in the image below.
- (You may need to go one level deeper to the "qpp" folder)
- Highlight the items shown, and delete them (either right click and choose Delete or use the Del key)

4) Re-install the program. The PK number should now be a positive number (not zero), in which case activation should work.